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Of the many mistakes made by clients and vendors in the last quarter century of enterprise applications implementation efforts, perhaps the single most damaging has been the near abandonment of such important initiatives by CEOs and their business leader cohorts. Viewing the acquisition of ERP, Client Relationship Management (CRM), HR/Payroll, and the rest of a suite of business applications as “a technical undertaking”, business leaders ceded the baton to their CIOs, CTOs, and hosts of IT engineers with results that spanned from disappointing to devastating.

Business leaders, listening to technical hype, simply failed to appreciate that the true subject of enterprise applications is “business process excellence” and that information technology is merely the underlying enabler. Projects that should have been business-led were too often authored and steered and driven into the ditch by technocrats. 

Nowadays, the stakes of a variety of initiatives viewed collectively as “digital transformation” are exponentially higher. While implementation of enterprise software affected the job description of everyone in an enterprise, digital transformation will alter the entire career path of everyone in the enterprise.

This time around, CEOs,, COOs, and all other senior business leaders you must maintain a firm grip on the transformational wheel. Let Michael 2.0 be your trusted navigator.

Your 24/7 unfettered expert guide to enterprise Transformation


Vendor manuals and methodologies cover little more than the textbook guide to navigating the ever-more complex routes to digital evolution. It is wise to avoid using only cookie-cutter, "proven" methods and to insist upon your role as driver of the endeavor. 

Michael 2.0 is a compendium of recommended practices culled from projects led by myriad vendors and a wide variety of clients across a full spectrum of geographic and industry spectra. Since 1995, the author and editor of the repository has published 6 books on business-centric IT subjects, 200 articles, 30 white papers, 9 major primary research reports all while serving as a consulting practice lead and 8-time expert witness in ERP project litigation. The intelligence provided goes beyond basic warnings and tips and provides in-depth how-to for subjects that are largely unaddressed by enterprise systems integrators.

No fees, no cost of entry. All material may be freely downloaded.  Our goal is to enlighten, not to invoice. 

While all material is copyright protected, readers are given full right to reproduce, quote from, or otherwise share content provided such distribution includes a simple acknowledgement of original authorship. The independence, lack of commercial ties to any vendors, and the absence of cost are the characteristics of 2.0. Better yet:  we never close.

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Penthouse, Poorhouse, or Courthouse? Where Will Your Enterprise Project Take You?


Strategic planning for enterprise transformations is more complex and demands more discipline than most clients presume. Michael 2.0 provides key guard rails for strategic vision & discipline.

distinguishing digital technologies


The various technologies that enable enterprise transformation are never one-off" solutions.  Just as a house is not built with only a hammer, digital transformation will not be built with just one cherry-picked technology 

when any vendor recommends "accelerated" Implementation


"Racing to Mediocrity: The False Grail of an Accelerated SAP Implementation" Read/download at Michael 2.0

"Shadow IT" goes mainstream


IDC, a leading information technology  research firm, predicted that: by 2020 business people will be spending nearly as much or more on IT as will IT itself. Software & services providers are now obligated to set aside techno-hype and speak clearly to business leaders.. 

The Costly, damaging, and futile myth of business & IT alignment


Hoary old business-IT arrangements should be cast aside in favor of organizations that empower business people rather than shackle them to “IT-engineered” processes. Read how at Michael 2.0

Do not become "A really fast caterpillar"


To date, we have seen more failure than success when it comes to enterprise transformations. The imperative is still there. Uber yourselves before your competition Ubers you.